Doctor Aphra: The Enormous Profit

Action Figures

Doctor Aphra

Dr. Aphra has some amazing looks in The Enormous Profit, everything from fancy dresses to a bad-ass business woman suit.

The first image of her above, is from the cover of the first issue and doesn’t actually make an appearance in the comic, but it still deserves a figure.  I think that would be a great 6″ Black Series figure, maybe even in a 2-pack with Black Krrsantan from the cover as well, as he looks amazing in the formal cape.  Each one would come with a blaster, and Aphra would have the Immortal Rur crystal.

For the other four pictures above, I would like to each one made into 3 3/4″ and 6″ figures.  For me, the best would be a figure in the form of the new Forces of Destiny line that has just been released.  One figure that you can change into each of the outfits, along with the removable mask and the wig with the blue hair.  It would allow for many different variations. Her accessories would be the same as the smaller figures, a blaster or two and the Immortal Rur crystal.

Besides those figures, Funko Pop! could also have a few different variations of Aphra from this series, which I think fans would go crazy over.

Immortal Rur

I still haven’t figured out where Immortal Rur got that droid body and those lightsabers, but goodness is he on a mission of rampage.  I would also like to see him in both sizes of 3 3/4″ and 6″ (I think it’s safe to say I think that for every figure).  I would love to see him have both of the lightsabers, in a turned on and turned off stage.  I would also like to have them able to clip to his body, that way he can still carry them, if he is carrying a blaster or two instead.

The Party Guests

Cyban Front

From the few members that we see of the Cyban Front, it seems to made up of droids. They remind of the Rockem Sockem Robots, and would make a perfect match for a Star Wars version of the classic game.   There isn’t really a lot to them in the comic, but I am  sucker for some cool looking droids.  I would take them in both the 3 3/4″ and 6″ sizes. I would also like to see them in the Titanium Helmet series.  While the head of the droids aren’t helmets per se, I think a mini bust of their heads would great to add to a collection.

Shadow university

I absolutely love the fancy outfits that the Shadow University representatives are wearing.  Other then their cool look, there isn’t much that stands out about them in the comic.  I would picture them carrying a briefcase and/or datapad, which would make great accessories for the characters.  I would have them in a 2-pack as I don’t see a need to have them released separately.

Yonak and The Pride

These are some seriously crazy looking Rodians.  I just absolutely love the way they look!  Their armor is outstanding and would be amazing to see on a 6″ Black Series figure.  Yonak would have his own figure, and his two companions would come in a 2-pack.

Yonak would come with a blaster and the sword that he is sliding out of the scabbard in his picture.  I would also like to see the scabbard with sword, detachable from his body so he could hold it or put on his back.  He would make a great display figure, with the sword in one hand and a blaster in his other.

A Funko Pop! of Yonak would also be adorable and terrifying, but I would definitely add it to my collection.


In the series Toov is only seen in his specialized chair that carries him around.  I would love to him removable from his chair, so you could use his chair for any other figures.   His chair to me, is one step below what I would consider a vehicle, but it would have to be decently sized if it is to scale, which would cause the Toov figure to be a little pricier then the normal  figure.

The Ezaraa

I don’t know what it is about the way these characters look, but I absolutely love them!  They almost look like they could be the villain in a Batman comic.  While there is more then one member in the Ezaraa, they don’t vary enough to justify having more then one.  The Ezaraa would be a 6″ Black Series figure, with a soft goods coat that opens and reveals all of the weapons they are hiding underneath.  I could picture there being three or four types of weapons, which would all be able to holster under neath his robe.  It also has to come with the gun the Ezaraa are holding, which reminds me of a weapon a pirate would carry.  I also need a full size toy blaster of the Ezaraa blaster.

Papa Toren and the Xonti Brothers

We’ve seen Papa Toren in a few of the other Star Wars comics series, and while I haven’t gotten to the ones that feature him yet, there would already be a figure of him.  If they included him in this wave of figures, I would see him in a set with the Xonti Brothers and their slave gladiator.

My favorite of all of them is definitely the gladiator, he would be an absolutely massive figure which would be fun to have.  As I have said one some of the other figures from this series, the gladiator would need to be a Funko Pop!.  I could see Funko releasing a set that has him and the Xonti Brothers together.


I had hard time on deciding if I would add Sutha to the list or not.  To me one Hutt figure is enough, but I think Sutha is just different enough that he could be an interesting figure.  This figure would definitely need the nose wring that connects to the chain that wraps around the head.  As Sutha is often seen slobbering all over himself, it would be interesting if the figure had some sort of slippery/shiny material below the mouth to imitate the drooling.

Background Characters


My favorite of the background characters is the serving droid.  You would be able to use this droid in a variety of ways while imagining new scenes from the Star Wars Universe.  The serving droid would need to come with the serving table, with glasses that are attached to it.

The other droid was shown working on another droid, and would need to come with equipment like a hydrospanner.


I don’t think the ship of The Pride, needs to be in scale to fit any figures.  For me it would be great as a Micro Machine or in the size of the die cast Black Series vehicles.


The Sorca Retreat is where Dr. Aphra’s party is going on.  It would need to have a few different sections to it.  One section big enough where you can put multiple figures to reenact her party and an area with tables that would represent a mess hall type area.

I would also like to see it have a room for Dr. Aphra, where she could go and change into her many outfits that she has in this series.  It would also be nice if her room had places where you could hang up a couple of different blasters on the wall, because you know she has her arsenal with her at all time.

An area where you could bring up another vehicle and dock to The Retreat itself, would also be very nice to see in the playset.

The Retreat would also make a great Micro Machines playset, with all the same features that the bigger playset has.

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