Han Solo

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Han Solo

I’m going to start off with the title character.  I love the look of Han in this comic.  I picture this figure coming with hands that you can switch it out, between gloved and un-gloved.  Along with the headset, that you can can put on his head.  I would also like to see the headset be able to “plug-in” into a Millennium Falcon playset.  Since he has the cup in the first picture, I would love to see that as an accessory for him as well.  Before we leave Han, there is one more Han figure that NEEDS to be made!

The first picture of Han above, is my favorite artwork from any of the new comics. This figure should be made byGentle Giant, Sideshow Collectibles and any other company that does highly detailed action figures.  I think it would make a beautiful 1/6th scale figure that is highly poseable.  A highly detailed bust of the first picture, would also be something that would seriously make me consider spending all my money.


I love how Leia looks in this comic.  Her outfits are very much reminiscent of A New Hope, while her hairstyles have a feel from The Empire Strikes Back.  The comic doesn’t show her with anything that could be used as an accessory, so it would make a great edition to a Rebel Base playset.

Delan Vook

If there were to be action figures from this series, Delan Vook would definitely need two variants.  First, he would need a release in his formal wear, which would include the glass as an accessory.  As for other accessories, I would think he would have some sort of belt that would holster a gun or carry a sword.  I could picture him coming with a ceremonial sword.

He also needs a release as a fighter pilot, which would be a great exclusive to go with his ship.  He would need a blaster accessory and a pilots helmet to go along with him.


Adame & Salentia

They appeared in the first issue of the series as Rebel agents who were tasked to bring Han Solo a message from Princess Leia.  They would make an excellent 2 pack, with their blasters as their accessories.

Loo Re Anno

She plays a large part in this comic, and is most often seen in her ship.  I think she is important enough to the comic that she should have her own  figure released, but they don’t really show her in the comic with anything that would make a good accessory.  She does have glowing orbs that she gives Han, but I’m not sure how to make a good accessory out of those.  For this reason, I could also see her being an exclusive with her ship.

Grega, Bot, Unnamed female

In the comic Grega is tasked with bring a Rebel Duros spy named Bot to Han during the Dragon Void race.  Once again, a couple of weapons would work well as her accessories.

The unnamed only has a small cameo in the comic, as she attacks Chewie while he is transporting Bot.  I love her overall look, and even though it is a small role, she needs to be a figure.

Since, Grega and the unnamed female are connected to Bot, they would make a great 3 pack of 3 3/4″ figures.


Dragon Void Run Masters

They were never officially named in the comic, but they convinced the Imperials to let the race continue and seem to the ones in control of it.  Therefor, I have dubbed them the Dragon Void Run Masters.  There are three of them, each with a different shaped hood.  They would come in a 3 pack, with each one sitting on their own hoverchair.  They would have articulated arms and hands that you could twist and turn, along with being able to swivel the neck.


She is a female Selonian, who is a rebel spy and has a grudge against Chewie.  She first shows up in a hooded cloaked with an awesome mask on.  I could see her figure going a couple of different ways.  While, it would be cool to have one where you could remove the cloak/hood and the mask, I could see there being two figures of her.  One with cloak and mask, and one without.

Sotna & Nowk

They were the other two racers in the Dragon Void Run.  They flew together in one ship, and were only shown in their flight outfits.  Since they don’t really have anything that would make a great accessory.  They would be another great exclusive figures with their ship.


We know that Star Wars loves making figures out of random background characters.  The ones that are pictured above, are the ones that I think would be great to help add some more characters to the wave of figures being released.


I love the design on all three of these ships.  They would work well in all sizes, from Micro Machines up to the 3 3/4″ scale size.  In the bigger size each one would include the pilot or a variant of the pilot as an exclusive to go along with the vehicle.  As Lee Ro Annos’ ship shows the grappling hook coming, that would definitely need to be added on to the 3 3/4″ scale of her ship.

That does it for the Han Solo comic, as I didn’t see any places that would make great playsets.  Find me on Twitter @NerdishJ to comment, or add anything you think I missed.  Don’t forget to use #mintonpage!