Darth Vader: The Chosen One

Action Figures


We already have a ton of different Vader action figures to choose from.  So I’m going to try and select some different versions of him, that we don’t have.  I will have another version or two of him, later included with some playsets.

I love the way Vader looks in this comic as he slowly becomes more damaged after each trial that he faces.  In the comic, the left leg of Vader is stripped down to just the robotic parts, then eventually removed completely.  I would love for this figure have that leg, from the knee down, be able to be removed and reattached.

I would be fine if this figure didn’t come with a weapon for Vader,  as he doesn’t get the weapon in the pictures (the hand of Infil’a’s training droid) until about half-way through the arc.  Plus, I think it would be great to come with an exclusive Vader that I will talk about later.

Kirak Infil’a

Kirak Infil’a is one of the last remaining Jedi and Vader is after to him to get his lightsaber.  We first see him meditating and fighting against his training droid.  I think both Infil’a and his droid would make great 6″ figures.

They would also make a great 2-pack of 3 3/4″ toys.  Infil’a would come with his lightsaber and his droid would come with his electrostaff.


The Al’doleem police aren’t around for very long.  But, they have a great look and some great weapons to go with them.  I could see them either being a 3 3/14″ figure or coming in the Al’doleem Dam playset that I will talk about below.

I love the way this Imperial Trooper looks.  They seem to be an early version of the AT-AT drivers.  Another great figure to help build the mighty Imperial army.  Personally, I would to see them in both 3 3/4″ and 6″ versions.


Vader’s Ship

Vader’s ship in this story is fairly different from anything we have seen so far.  I love the all black of the ship, which just adds to it’s sleekness.  I also love the way that the wings, which are remnicscent of TIE Fighter wings, expand out from two to four wings.  Which would make an awesome feature on a vehicle.

His ship would also come with the droid.  The droid normally sits on the ceiling of the ship, but can come out completely, resembling an early version of the probe droid.  It would make a great exclusive figure to come with the ship.

Imperial Shuttle

The Lambda shuttle is one of my absolute favorite ship designs in all of Star Wars.  So, this ship being an early design of it, is a must have.  This one would work good in a 3 3/14″ scale, being able to hold Vader and a few troops when you send them out on a mission.


I don’t know why, but the image of the front of the Imperial Palace with the flags and the pit to burn all the lightsabers, is amazing.  Plus, we need a playset that we can put Palpatine on, when he gives his amazing speeches on how great the Empire is.  I would love for this to come with a whole bunch of lightsaber handles, that you could put in the pit, but I realize that wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Jedi Outpost

The Jedi Outpost is beautiful, and it makes perfect sense that they would have a DS9 version of their Jedi Temple.  Vader stops on his way here to discover where to find the Jedi he seeks, so he can finally get the crystal for his lightsaber.

I imagine the Outpost opening up to reveal a couple of different rooms.  One would be the room that the Troopers are in, in the above photo, which is like a Jedi locker room.  I would also like to see a room that would be like a training room where the Jedi trained in lightsaber combat.

The Outpost Vader would be an exclusive figure for this playset.  The main thing setting it apart from a normal Vader figure, is the tattered cape.  He would also need to come with the green lightsaber that he uses to attack the troopers.

Al’doleem Dam

Vader and Infil’a have a great duel on top of this dam.  I debated on having the dam be a playset, but I think overall, it would be pretty cool to have.   There could definitely be a couple of different levels to the dam, to help add to the diversity of the set.

It would also come with an exclusive of Rebuilt Vader and Infil’a in his Jedi robes.  Vader rebuilds himself out of parts of Infil’a’s droid that he destroyed.  He uses one of it’s legs to replace the leg that he has lost, and then uses other parts to brace the parts of him that have become damaged as well.  Not only, do I want this figure in the 3 3/4″ size, but I need it in the 6″ scale as well.

It would also make a great 1/6th scale figure that Sideshow Collectibles does.  In that high of quality, it would make a great display piece.


Overall, I really enjoyed this arc of Darth Vader.  While, I thought Vader looked a little off sometimes, but for the most part I thought the artwork was pretty fantastic.  It was great getting to see still in the transition phase of fully becoming Dark Lord of the Sith.  While we saw Vader get the kyber crystal for his new lightsaber, we didn’t actually get to see him build the lightsaber.  I’ll be curious to see, if in the next issue he has the lightsaber we all know to be his.  Personally, I would love to see him build the actual saber, but I realize, that may not be the most entertaining comic.

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