Mint On Page: My Star Wars Comics-Inspired Toy Wishlist

Welcome to my new project:  Mint on Page!  Where my love of the Star Wars comics and toys collide.

I’ve been reading the new Star Wars comics that Marvel has been making since they started releasing them.  One of the things I constantly say to myself as I read them is, “That character would make an awesome action figure.”  Which soon led to this project being created.  So, as I read the comics, I am going to screen shot everything I think would make a cool action figure, vehicle, or playset/other type of toy.  I will also be discussing, what I would like to see if they were made into actual toys.

I’m starting out with the Han Solo comic, because there were so many things I loved in that series.  Then will be moving to the current series, possibly adding the older series as time permits.

I will be posting each arc as it is completed.  Follow along on Twitter as I will be tweeting out pictures from each comic that will be included.  To do that you can search for: #comic title (such as #starwars, #vader, #draphra) #swcomics #toys or just search for #mintonpage.

To check out everything that is done so far, just go up to the menu and hover over Mint On Page to see the lists of comics.  I’m going to try to keep each arc contained to one page.  If for some reason it becomes too much for one page then I will break it down by section.

I hope reading about these as much as I have writing about them!

I’d love to hear from you on this as well.  If you think I missed something, or have an idea on how to improve on a “toy” that I have talked about, find me on Twitter @NerdishJ.  Don’t forget to use #mintonpage!

I also want to give a shout out to a few people that helped me work through this idea and didn’t tell me to shut it, when I kept talking about it!  First and foremost is my wife, who puts up with all my craziness.

Jared C. – Another lover of all Star Wars literature.

InfiniteBatmans – He runs an amazing site that is all about Star Trek.

Fechin – A great person to talk Star Wars with.

Jeff McGee – He hosts the two podcasts that really gave me inspiration to do this.  Go check them out.  Talking Toys With Taylor and Jeff, and Comics With Kenobi.

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