Pin Hole

Recently, I discovered another rabbit hole and it didn’t take me long to fall down it.  The world of collectible pins.  This is the second rabbit hole that I’ve gone down that I never thought I would end up in (I’m looking at you Funko), mostly because I had no idea how I would display them, but all it takes is one to get me started.

The sad part,although very typical for me, is that I have received the Smugglers Bounty box from Funko for around a year now.  Each box comes with a pin and since I never thought I would do anything with them, I just put them in a box and set them in storage.  A couple of days before I decided to jump down this hole, that box got moved into the back of a storage container in preparation for when my family moves in the next few months.  Finally figured out what to do with them and now they are inaccessible until the end of the year…sigh.

facepalm gif

You and me both, Ragnar

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Umm…dude what was the one that got you started?”  The honor to that distinction goes to Comics with Kenobi.  After Star Wars Celebration, they tweeted out that they had some extra pins left and to hit up them up if you were interested in receiving one.  Since they are one of my favorite podcasts, I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.  After getting a reply back that they would be more than happy to send one my way, my brain started turning talking, “OK, so I’m getting this pin, where can I display it?”

After staring at my cubicle wall for far too long, it came to me.  Some of the panels of my cubicle are fabric with cushion behind them.  Genius!  Now, it was time to figure out what I wanted to start with.  Since Star Wars is my jam, that’s where I decided to start.  Holy crap, I didn’t realize that there so many when I first started looking and then I wondered who actually pays some of these prices.  The Thrawn pin from Star Wars Celebration Orlando, was on eBay for $150 and people were actually bidding!!  WHAT?!?!?!

First, just no.

Second, my wife would (rightfully) kill me if she knew I paid something like that for a tiny pin.  She may have shaken her head at my when I told her what I was doing, but I know she loves me because she puts up with it.  Seriously, thanks for putting up with me!

So, after spending way too much time looking at the pins, I narrowed it down to 5 to start with.  So, here’s the beginning of my pin wall!


Since then, I’ve started a wish list on Amazon that continues to grow.  Since, I never know what to ask for on my birthday or Christmas, I’m going to give people the list and tell them to get something off of it.  Plus, most of the pins are expensive so I don’t feel bad asking for them.  So far my list has these fandoms:  Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Game of Thrones, DC/Marvel and my hometown St. Louis Cardinals and Blues with a random assortment of other random pins.

Besides Amazon and eBay, I’ve also used the Disney store to look at some of their different Star Wars pins.  If you’re into anything else Disney, they are the place to go.  Another site I use is, which I happened to discover on the same day I decided to start collecting pins.  As they tweeted at me, it was definitely fate.  They carry pins for DC, Star Trek, Firefly, Harry Potter and Alien.  While, I’m not huge on some of their character pins, the ship pins for Star Trek and Firefly are amazing!  They also make me wish I was a Harry Potter fan as they have some really nice ones for that as well.

Soon, they will be coming out with character pins for the Arrowverse shows, those I can’t wait for.  If you’d like a chance to win a Flash or Green Arrow pin check out Scarlet Velocity and Green Justice on Twitter as they teamed up with Fansets for some giveaways.  Also, if you are watching those shows, listen to their podcasts.  Josh and Jay have some great insight to the shows.

If you collect pins as well or would like to see the progress of my pin collection, follow me on Twitter at @NerdishJ.  I’d love to see how you display them and hear about any other means you use to find the ones you want.  Feel free to comment below as well.  Thanks for tuning in!

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