Darth Vader: The Chosen One

Action Figures Vader We already have a ton of different Vader action figures to choose from.  So I'm going to try and select some different versions of him, that we don't have.  I will have another version or two of him, later included with some playsets. I love the way Vader looks in this comic … Continue reading Darth Vader: The Chosen One

Mint On Page – Dr. Aphra: Annual #1

Action Figures     Aphra In this issue, we were given another great outfit for Aphra.  I have a feeling that by the time the Aphra comic ends, there will be about a hundred different versions of her that would make some awesome figures.  I can't wait to see that Aphra army! Krrsantan So far … Continue reading Mint On Page – Dr. Aphra: Annual #1

Pin Hole

Recently, I discovered another rabbit hole and it didn't take me long to fall down it.  The world of collectible pins.  This is the second rabbit hole that I've gone down that I never thought I would end up in (I'm looking at you Funko), mostly because I had no idea how I would display … Continue reading Pin Hole